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Investing in Clean Technologies for Africa

Africa as yet is not considered as a high priority geography for the introduction of so called clean technologies,  with some exceptions.


Recent studies put  Africa with investor attention relating to the above at the last place (15%), yet the need for such technologies to drive the betterment of socio –economic condition of the continent is clearly present


Generation of renewable energy can prove both commercially and socio-economically promising for many of the African states, same would apply to production of biofuels.


Where clean technologies in areas such as: renewable energy, waste recycling ,  provision of drinking/potable water are  the main sectors upon which many current initiatives are being evaluated as promising business opportunities,  invariably most of such project/s are of significant order of magnitude when it comes to funding requirements,  whether it’s a wind farm, solar concentrating power, photovoltaic  farm, treatment plant , etc.


Hidden amongst these mega projects  are the lesser known opportunities, which are much smaller in their size and capital requirements, yet offer a substantially better return on investment. Many such businesses or projects  are either auxiliary to the generation of renewable energy, or waste treatment and or addressing other  environmental imperatives separately or combined, for example the recycling of undesired waste through pyrolysis process, utilizing the heat to generate electricity and disposing of  waste.


The provision of drinking/potable water  are now becoming  urgent priority in many places, and yet traditional solutions are not necessarily suitable technologically and financially wise.


Novel technologies for water treatment are now becoming available for deployment, being sustainable, cost effective, and importantly simple to use and maintained.


For investors it is not ‘one size fits all’ and thus different class of investors i.e. debt/project financiers  are seeking different classes of opportunities to those sought by private equity and or venture capital.


Notwithstanding this they all need to have a vibrant investment market for the said sector and its subsectors so as to be able to bring the participation of other investors, trade in or out of investments and most importantly to maintain a visible and viable investment class of clean technologies and business derived for the long hall.


Viridis Africa ( is the premier event for bringing about the interjection between the investment community and the principals and promoters of clean technologies projects and initiatives from Africa is to be held  on the 17th and 18th of October in Johannesburg.


To learn more about the event please visit us at

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